Tania, Brian and Cleo

I met Tania and Brian at our favorite beach to photograph their new family addition, Cleo. The last time I saw these two they were dancing their wedding night away. Life stories were shared, lots of laughs and sand between our toes. We reminisced about their wedding day and how happy they were with their wedding experience.

When you place your heart, body and soul into a craft, happy tears and warm feelings flow when words like this are shared.

“Bryan Miller is an extremely kind, genuine person. We quickly found a comfort level with him that allowed us to be ourselves, and it really came through in our photos. He proved to be exceptionally talented and perceptive. Our pictures are like a time capsule, and each is a piece of our collective story.”

“Through those perfectly captured memories and emotions, we are so thankful to be able to relive our wedding day through our families’, our friends’, and our own experiences. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

Tania & Brian

This was Cleo’s first beach visit…and we think she enjoyed every minute.