Alex & Issa – Engaged

I get a little nervous before each session. If you don’t, you’re just not human. But for this session, I must admit, I was really nervous.

Alex is a friend and peer (Check out her work here). As talented and hard working as she is kind. And when someone you work with and admire asks you to create for them, it’s both flattering and nerve wracking. She has been a cheerleader of my work, something I’ll forever be grateful for, and I wanted to give back for all she has given me.

60 seconds into our session my nerves were gone. Issa started cracking jokes, Parker circling us in comedic relief and these two were arm-in-arm, laughing and smiling. Their chemistry is real.

Hanging out in their home, where they spend their days together was the perfect place to begin. They opened their home and invited me in with hugs and warm smiles. We then went to Rancho Valencia where they’ll be married in just a few short months.

Alex and Issa, thank you for being you…

See Alex’s work HERE