I’ve been a part of very emotional weddings. And this one certainly falls near the top of the list.

Each wedding is emotional, and each has a different reason. For Jackie and Spencer, this was an emotional day because I really feel like these two live in the present. They appreciate their families and friends and they cherish the time they have with them.

But most if all, it was emotional because of the way these two feel about each other. Being together since high school can give you a lot of life experience and can really solidify a relationship.

As soon as Spencer saw Jackie walking down the aisle, he started to break down. Such a beautiful memory as that life moment really hit them both. And then their vows put a lump lump in our throats.

To top it all, Spencer’s parents and brother gave such moving speechs. They brought us all to tears.

These two are so in love and have a chemistry together that made us all envious.

Congratulations J & S…you two are amazing.

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Welcome to Jennifer and Ivan’s wedding day.

Settings like this are always a favorite. Lush gardens, sunshine, fresh air.

And to top it all, this is a wedding where emotions ran deep. Ivan was born in Eastern Europe and from the thoughts he shared throughout the day, he never thought his life would be as good as it is. Nor did he ever expect to meet someone like Jennifer to make it all more meaningful.

These two have a lust for life, they’re both infectious and they’re surrounded by some amazing family and friends.

To me, the day was summed up in one image. The image of Ivan seeing Jennifer walk down the aisle. Uncontrollable tears, infectious to us all as we watched the moment unfold.

This was a beautiful day and I’m so proud of how these images came together to tell the story of this day.



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Just going to be honest for a moment…Paris pretty much ruined us.

The sights, the sounds, and most of all the food. The freshness, the attention to detail and how invested the people are to this segment of their culture is inspiring.

If I could hop on a plane, grab a baguette, buckwheat crepe, a loaf of brioche, a box of chocolate, caramel and pate de fruits…I would totally do that. While we’re at it, I’d fly first class. Both ways.

One of the better decisions we made was to pack away a few things and bring them back home. A baguette for the plane, a few slices of ham and cheese, a few bars of chocolate and the pate de fruits. These are basically super concentrated goodness cubes. Pure orange, mango, peach, raspberry, kiwi, beet, lemon juices coated in perfectly refined sugar. No sugar buzz with these little guys.

They’re beautifully packaged reminding us of watching these being boxed with care back in Paris. And the flavors are incredible. A time warp, if you will, transporting you into your own memories attached to each flavor.

While in Paris, Jacques Genin is a must have. Stop in for a pastry, caramel, and the unlike anything you’ve ever tasted hot chocolate. And don’t forget to leave with a tin of pate de fruits for the walk back to your flat.



When you see something you’ve worked really hard at in print, it’s extremely gratifying and humbling.

And when it’s a friends wedding, it makes me even happier.

Alex has been a friend and a mentor and she’s wise beyond her years. She works harder and smarter than anyone I know. And when it came time to design and execute her own wedding, all that hard work and vision paid off to create and amazing event.

The visuals were stunning and most importantly the entire day was a pure reflection of Alex and Issa.

Each wedding has a lot of moving parts and I’m just one of many people involved in making an event come to life and I’m so proud of this wedding and the way we captured it!

Photography: Bryan Miller Photography

Design/Florals: Blush Botanicals

Coordination: Victoria Weddings

Location: Rancho Valencia


Crisp air, cold winds, warm sunshine. Orange and gold trees, empty streets.

Forget the summer lines and crowded restaurants. We enjoyed walkable markets, and empty hilltop towns. Winter squash, warm paella and great conversations about what it must be like to live in a place like this.

Using Isle Sur La Sorgue as our home base, towns like Lacoste, Gordes, Bonnieux, Apt and Oped were easy to access and explore.

We’d start at the bottom of each town and wander the streets. Enjoying the small homes, tiny streets, ancient textures and dead ends. Higher and higher, our destination was the highest point we could reach.

Walking on uneven cobblestone and soaking in the medieval charm, wondering what life was like when each town was at its peak.

A church would cap our climb and we could see other hilltop towns, with their churches, in the distance. Quintessential Provencal countryside in between.

At the top our conversation went something like this…

Where are we headed next?

That one over there looks interesting.

Off we’d go.

No reservations, no timetable, no itinerary.

Only the setting sun as our clock.