While watching Suzy Lee I couldn’t help by liken her pen to my camera. The pen and the camera are pretty simple tools. One uses ink, the other uses light. But it’s the way in which the artist uses these elements that gives us unique results. To watch ink become script is mesmerizing. There is care that goes into each dip of the pen and into each line of each letter. The next word must be thought through because a mistake or a change means you’re starting from scratch. No delete key.

This is an art form that started in the 15th century. And it’s no surprise, that to this day, we cherish something that’s written by hand. 

When a hand written note is received, it represents time, thought, care and attention to detail.

In a single word, it’s an expression of love.


Suzy Lee

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Welcome to Suzanna and Justin’s wedding day.

What I love most about this day…Suzanna and Justin let the day come to them. They started their day early and had a lot of downtime mixed into the timeline so they could enjoy their family and move slowly. Never feeling rushed. These intangibles gave us all a relaxed ease throughout the day.

S&J, thank you for having us be a part of your wedding story. I can’t thank you enough.

This beautiful wedding is featured today on The White Wren.

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Rain was in the forecast for Jackie and Spencer’s engagement session but we decided to roll the dice and keep our date. And we were rewarded for it. The sun bounced between the clouds as we wandered through the fields of San Clemente Canyon. The hills are green and lush from the winter rains and it was the perfect setting for these two midwesterners calling San Diego home.

These two were perfect in front of the camera…willing to let go, hold each other and let the session come to them. These images are beautiful because of their chemistry.

J&S, can’t wait for your wedding.

And thank you to Ever After Events for introducing us!


I’ve never thought too much about salt. It’s a kitchen staple used to pump up flavor, right?

Well, it’s that, and a whole lot more when some thought and heart is put into the process. It feels weird to say it, but the taste really does take your senses directly to the ocean.

This is considered a finishing salt so we’ve been sprinkling it on everything. So far…ice cream is top on the list. But we’ve used this on both sweet and savory dishes without disappointment.

This is definitely a treat and perfect to share for a Sweet Tooth Sunday, which is all about investing in experiences that make our hearts, and tastebuds, happy. If you’d like to see more from this series, click here

Jacobsen salt for sure gets a thumbs up from us!

Give it a try here: Jacobsen Salt – Flake Finishing Sea Salt – 4 oz bag