These wonderful souls are headed to the East Coast after a decade, and then some, in sunny San Diego. To remember their time here in San Diego we spent an afternoon swimming in golden grasses and sunshine.

San Diego will miss you, and the East is lucky to have you.

Overjoyed we were able to carve out time to make this session happen.




Spending time with April and Michael reminded me of a summer day in my childhood. Exploring the outdoors, running in fields and playing in streams.

They were in their element, too and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with these two.

Can’t wait to share their wedding, too. Look for that coming soon.

In the meantime, enjoy…


California’s golden fields and rich sunlight get me every time. But it’s the beautiful faces of Ivy and Josh that make this session special.

And thank you to Ever After Events for the introduction.


While watching Suzy Lee I couldn’t help by liken her pen to my camera. The pen and the camera are pretty simple tools. One uses ink, the other uses light. But it’s the way in which the artist uses these elements that gives us unique results. To watch ink become script is mesmerizing. There is care that goes into each dip of the pen and into each line of each letter. The next word must be thought through because a mistake or a change means you’re starting from scratch. No delete key.

This is an art form that started in the 15th century. And it’s no surprise, that to this day, we cherish something that’s written by hand. 

When a hand written note is received, it represents time, thought, care and attention to detail.

In a single word, it’s an expression of love.


Suzy Lee

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