Last week while I was in Portland for a quick family trip, summer berries were in full force. I wish I could share more than images with you…the taste and smell of these berries is something we don’t receive in Southern California. So, I hope a Sweet Tooth Sunday will help share the experience.

I hope this will inspire you to head out to the farmers’ market and pick up some fresh fruit and veggies. It really is a joy to have these with a scoop of ice cream or yogurt in heat of summer.


PacificNorthwestBerriesSweetToothSunday 8

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Alex with Blush Botanicals is a true artist and is one of the best at her craft. And to see her creating a floral sculpture from start to finish was kinda like magic.

I have no conception of how arrangements come to life and seeing the process from the beginning makes me more in awe of this process.

Nothing makes me happier than to see my friends in their element…

BlushBotanicalsAtWork 1BlushBotanicalsAtWork 2BlushBotanicalsAtWork 6BlushBotanicalsAtWork 5BlushBotanicalsAtWork 4BlushBotanicalsAtWork 7BlushBotanicalsAtWork 10BlushBotanicalsAtWork 8BlushBotanicalsAtWork 9


Usually the basket on your beach cruiser will carry your Saturday picnic lunch or farmers market bounty. But when a dad hears his daughter will be using her cruiser as an engagement session prop, what goes in that basket suddenly changes.

When Bryn’s dad heard she was bringing her beach cruiser to her engagement session he took the time to fill that basket with fresh cut roses from their own garden. And with that simple, thoughtful detail, a prop turns into a memento.

These are the thoughtful surprises that will always come up when Bryn and Eric look back on their photographs.

B & E, I can’t wait for your wedding!

PS: Huge thanks to Zatkin Events for introducing us.

LaJollaEngagementPhotography 1LaJollaEngagementPhotography 3LaJollaEngagementPhotography 11LaJollaEngagementPhotography 14LaJollaEngagementPhotography 2LaJollaEngagementPhotography 7FineartFilmweddingengagementPhotography02LaJollaEngagementPhotography 8LaJollaEngagementPhotography 5FineartFilmweddingengagementPhotographyNaturalEngagementPhotographyLaJollaEngagementPhotography 19LaJollaEngagementPhotography 20LaJollaEngagementPhotography 16LaJollaEngagementPhotography 15LaJollaEngagementPhotography 13LaJollaEngagementPhotography 6FineartFilmweddingengagementPhotography01BeachEngagement01LaJollaEngagementPhotography 17BryanMillerPhotography

Can’t say enough about these two. Genuine happiness and love for each other. Happy go lucky, all smiles and surrounded by amazing family and friends. The weird San Diego weather nearly rained on these two but this didn’t phase them one bit.

Zatkin Events did an amazing job scrambling to change things up and make the North Chapel beautiful at the last minute. And Cynthia’s team made Brick feel warm, welcoming and intimate.

Congratulations Megan and Kevin!! Your wedding day was perfection and thank you so much for having me be with you on your wedding day.

BrickSanDiegoWeddings 1BrickSanDiegoWeddings 3BrickSanDiegoWeddings 4BrickSanDiegoWeddings 5BrickSanDiegoWeddings 6BrickSanDiegoWeddings 7BrickSanDiegoWeddings 9PointLomaWeddingPhotography-004BrickSanDiegoWeddings 8BrickSanDiegoWeddings 9PointLomaWeddingPhotography-003PointLomaWeddingPhotography-005BrickSanDiegoWeddings 16NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-001NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-003BrickSanDiegoWeddings 2BrickSanDiegoWeddings 3NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-002NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-005BrickSanDiegoWeddings 5NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-006BrickSanDiegoWeddings 34NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-007NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-008BrickSanDiegoWeddings 1NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-009NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-010NorthChapelSandiegoweddings-011BrickSanDiegoWeddings 10BrickSanDiegoWeddings 28BrickSanDiegoWeddings 31BrickSanDiegoWeddings 32BrickSanDiegoWeddings 30BrickSanDiegoWeddings 7BrickSanDiegoWeddings 35BrickSanDiegoWeddings 38BrickSanDiegoWeddings 36BrickSanDiegoWeddings 33BrickSanDiegoWeddings 39BrickSanDiegoWeddings 40BrickSanDiegoWeddings 41BrickSanDiegoWeddings 42BrickSanDiegoWeddings 29

Coordination & Styling: CZEvents

Ceremony: North Chapel

Reception: Brick

Catering: Continental Catering

Floral: Indulge


Earlier this year I set aside a couple weeks to travel back to the Lake District of Chile. We spent time in this area in 2014…take a look at the blog post here. This area is a very remote, unbelievably beautiful and a fairly unknown part of Patagonia. Stunning landscapes of mountains, glaciers, rivers, and lakes. The locals are warm and welcoming even to a non-speaking, very tall foreigner.

This trip was a bit different than my previous trips. This time I traveled to the region alone and met my friend Robert who owns the whitewater rafting company Futaleufú Adventure. We’ve been discussing how we can create a photo tour of this area and also incorporate a sense of adventure into the trip. Our goal for my time there was to pull together a small portfolio of landscapes and local life. And take what we learned together to build a week long world class Patagonian experience full of amazing scenery, horseback riding, river rafting and time with locals. This trip is a first of its kind and will be full of unique experiences.

During our time together Robert showed me Futaleufú from the perspective of a local. It’s a small community of around 1,800. We met farmers, ranchers, tradesmen…old and young. We rode horses on livestock trails through the mountains. We drank endless amounts of matté heated by wood burning stoves, prepared by kind and generous people. We ate fresh preserves, freshly baked bread, and as you’ll see, amazing vegetables.

All the while being reminded of the beauty in a much simpler way of life.

We also experienced Mother Nature at her finest. Hard rains and bright sun. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Clear and cold night skies. The changing of the seasons brings breathtaking color changes. Rain and weather moved in and out handing us drama in the skies.

I can’t do justice to this trip with words and the photos don’t do show you the landscapes completely…it’s something that needs to be experienced in person. But I hope sharing a few photos of our trip will help give you a sense of the locals and the natural beauty this wonderful place holds.


PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 11PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 2PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 3PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 4PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 5PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 30PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 33PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 31PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 32PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 35PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 16IMG_4760IMG_4661IMG_4726PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 22PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 24PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 44PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 10PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 42PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 41PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 45PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 37PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 28PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 14PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 15PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 29PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 17PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 18PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 43PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 25PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 40PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 39PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 27PatagoniaPhotoAdventure 26IMG_4422A