Learning is a life long process…and we are constantly learning through trial and error.  That takes time and patience.  I have both, but what if we had a little help along the way…would we make fewer mistakes and make better decisions for our clients?  YES!

That’s why conferences like these are so helpful…I’m traveling to New Orleans in November for PartnerCon to soak in 3 days of information from seasoned photographers.  I can’t wait…this is going to be a great experience.

Life is better with pictures in blog posts…


Just getting home from photographing James and Jeanette’s wedding in Tahoe City…These two had an amazing ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family.  It was an amazing experience to see these two tie the knot.

J&J…you two are amazing and thanks for having me as your photographer.  10 years went by so quickly, didn’t it?

More images to come!

Tahoe City, CA


This is my favorite photo at the moment…as you can tell, it’s the lead image on my website.

Love these two together…cute couple.