As promised…Kingdom

This is one of the best shops in San Diego, hands down!  High quality, unique pieces, great selection.

Jewelry, books, tees, dresses, hats and scarves, Domenick has put together a fantastic offering for his clients.  And don’t be fooled…this is not just for the girls.  Guys, take a good look too.

Do you need a great gift for the bride or groom to be?  Take a look at what Kingdom can offer…you’ll find some great pieces.

Are you announcing your engagement with a photoshoot?  Kingdom is the place to go for great pieces that help you express yourself.

I could keep going…but here’s what I do best.

Kingdom Storefront

Kingdom Storefront





Dominick Owner/Stylist of Kingdom

Seriously, check Kingdom out…San Diego’s finest

Next time…we’re looking at invitations.  Handmade with love.

Hello and welcome back!
Lately I’ve been brainstorming on what type of life my blog should lead…forgive me for lack of posts…but there’s a lot of thinking I’ve been doing lately.

So, here’s my thinking…The reason I photograph is because I love it. I love to photograph and most of all I enjoy providing a high quality service that is extremely important.  And the more I think about my style, the more it all boils down to QUALITY!

So, I’ve come up with a plan to surround myself and you with quality…quality people, places, products and photographs.

So, over the next few weeks I’ll introduce the people and things that I LOVE and feel are of the highest quality…

The first will be coming in the next couple days.  Here’s a preview…


It's all about the quality

Get ready…Kingdom is rad!