Wedding Album – Nicole & Phil

Creating a storybook of your wedding by carefully selecting each image is a process I take pride in. And seeing images come to life in print is one of my greatest joys.

When I look at a completed storybook I see the process we took to build your album together along with a beautiful end product. And I also envision my couples thumbing through the pages during the holidays with friends and family. Picking up their album from their coffee table during a commercial break to reminisce. And I see the next generation experiencing their parents making a commitment to each other one page at a time.

A storybook is far more than a series of images…it’s a significant day in your life story that you will share from one generation to the next.

Whether it be through me or creating one on your own, I encourage everyone to print your photos and if you can, create a storybook of your wedding day.

It’s a small investment for something that will give you a lifetime of happiness.

Here are a few images of Nicole and Phil’s wedding album. Custom designed by myself and the bride and printed and bound by Kiss Books.